MESOB is an Eritrean and Ethiopian breadbasket traditionally handcrafted in multiple colours from fibers of Raffia Palm. Many generations ago, the mother had to come up with an artistic invention to keep and preserve her family's food staple (i.e., the Injera - a spongy sourdough flatbread and the Qicha - a crispy flatbread).

This invention known as MESOB also serves as a dinner table to the family in their daily regular mealtimes. Shaped in a circular structure, it symbolizes family love, sharing and togetherness - the defining culture identities in East Africa.

People surround the Mesob with a traditional cuisine. Prayers follow before everyone extends their hands as they take their share, experiencing the intimacy and integrity while enjoying the delicious food.

In this modern era, MESOB is seen and respected as one of the symbols of the East African society's inherited dignity. It is mainly used in high-class restaurants and big public occasions such as weddings and religious ceremonies in serving dignitaries.